TriState Health Foundation Announces their 2022 Awards


Each year, TriState Health Foundation announces three awards to honor those who have donated their time, energy, and continued generosity so that the Foundation can continue to support TriState Health’s mission. They embody TriState Health Foundation’s vision, which is to provide the link between our community and healthcare for today and tomorrow. 

Spirit Award

This year we have one Spirit Award Winner! This business has gone above and beyond with their generosity to TriState Health Foundation and the Lewis-Clark Valley. They truly understand and believe in the value of our community-owned and operated hospital. We are grateful for their dedication to supporting local non-profit organizations, their understanding of the importance of non-profits, and how they service our community. 

In 2022, we honor Martin Insurance as TriState Health Foundation’s Spirit Award Winner. Thank you again for your generosity.

Outstanding Trustee Award

Our Outstanding Trustee Award is determined by the Foundation staff. It is presented to someone who goes the extra mile, often behind the scenes, throughout the entire year to help with the success of TriState Health Foundation’s fundraising efforts. This person stepped up to help with all of our event, before, during, and after, and they were , the TriState attentive and helpful every step of the way. They shared new ideas and offered assistance whenever needed; they are an extraordinary asset to us.

The Outstanding Trustee Award goes to Brook Brown.

Lee Martin Award

In 1977, the TriState Hospital Foundation, now known as TriSate Health Foundation, began a tradition to awknowledge the “above and beyond” support and dedication of one of their Trustees. The Lee Martin Award is the TriState Hospital Foundation’s highest honor and the recipient is nominated by their fellow trustees. Lee Martin was a gentleman whose dedincation and support of the Foundation and TriState Health truly made a difference which help mold the Foundation of today. 

Without further ado, the Lee Martin Award goes to Cathy Gibbons. Thank you for everything you do for TriState Health Foundation.

Her work ethic and enthusiasm are unmatched at this time on the board!

She has a passion for TriState Health and its needs. Great volunteer for all the events, participates in everything we do, and is inspiring just to be around.

Cathy is willing to help wherever she is needed. Her positive attitude adds great value to the Foundation Board of Trustees.

Previous Lee Martin Award Winners

2022 – Darcy Nelly
2021 – Trevor Arnone
2020 – Deby Lutes
2019 – Rebecca Dugger
2018 – Corey Flerchinger
2019 – Joyce Keefer
2016 – Dan Rudolph
2015 – Todd Clovis
2014 – Illa Smith
2013  – Diane Turnbow
2012 – Bill Snyder
2011 – Joe Skelton
2010 – Lynn “Pip” Ausman
2009 – Sharon Hume
2008 – Mary Lee Fraizer
2007 – Gaylord Newbry
2016 – Jenny Weiland
2005 – Bryan Peters
2004 – Marylin Wilson
2003 – Linda Rogers
2002 – Cheri Prasil
2001 – Joanne McCall
2000 – Mary Lee Fraizer
1999 – Chip Wahlberg
1998 – Rick Wasem
1997 – Donna Cox