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TriState Health Auxiliary, also known as the “Auxiliary Angels” are a valuable part of the hospital staff. They add that extra touch to make a patient’s stay more comfortable, and they help to lighten the load by volunteering their time and abilities. As a member of the Auxiliary, you’ll become part of a volunteer legacy that spans decades and has touched many lives. The TriState Health Auxiliary is a non-profit organization providing thousands of hours of service throughout the hospital including the management and staffing of the front lobby information; the management and staffing of the admissions and day/outpatient surgery waiting rooms; managing and staffing of the hospital gift shop; and, planning fundraising events throughout the year to benefit the hospital.

How did the Auxiliary begin?

In 1955, a group of women volunteered to serve the new fledgling TriState Health in any way possible. This was the beginning of the TriState Health Auxiliary. The group was originally formed of twelve separate guilds, each of which was named after members of the original Board of Directors of the Hospital. As the number of the Guilds decreased, the format was revised. Today, the Auxiliary includes men and women who volunteer their time as one Auxiliary.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Auxiliary is made up of adult homemakers and retired persons willing to volunteer their time to TriState Health.

TriState Health tries to place individuals in a department that matches their abilities, availability, and interests, according to the Hospital’s needs.

  • You will help others in your community by sharing your talents and energy
  • You will meet new people and take part in different activities
  • You may learn new skills and gain valuable work experience
  • And most importantly, you will have fun!
  1. Complete Volunteer Request Form below. 
  2. Complete the TriState Health Volunteer Application once received from the Volunteer Coordinator. 
  3. Send your completed application to: TriState Health, ATTN: Volunteer Coordinator, PO Box 189, Clarkston, WA 99403
  4. Attend an interview and mandatory orientation (you will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to schedule your interview)
  5. Upon approval, you will receive your volunteer assignment, and will need to attend a mandatory department-specific orientation
  6. Prior to starting, you must receive a flu shot, complete an infection control review, and pay the $5.00 Annual Membership Dues
  7. A volunteer jacket and ID badge will be provided free of charge​

Why did you become an Auxiliary Volunteer?