TriState Health’s Provider of Excellence Award


The TriState Annual Provider of Excellence Award was created in honor of Dr. Richard Weiland, one of the original four primary care providers who joined the TriState Health Primary Care Clinics in 2011. Dr. Weiland truly represented what it meant to embody TriState’s mission and vision through leadership, integrity, community involvement, and patient-centered care. He was firmly committed to his patients and volunteered his time at the Snake River Medical Clinic. He was immersed in several leadership roles during his time at TriState and served for almost three decades as Medical Director of Home Health and Hospice, now known as Elite Home Health and Hospice. Through his leadership and patient-centered care, he paved the way for what each TriState provider strives to be. Dr. Weiland passed in 2015 after complications from heart disease. We were honored to have had Dr. Weiland as part of our TriState team.

Please join us in congratulating our third recipient of the Provider of Excellence Award, Celso Chavez, MD, of TriState Family Practice, Clearwater. Dr. Chavez was nominated by many of his patients and peers for this distinction and we celebrate him for the characteristics that make him such a unique and cherished provider. His compassionate care and dedication to his patients clearly do not go unnoticed.

“Dr. Chavez is a staple to the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley as a provider, mentor, co-worker, and friend. He has successfully encompassed the values of yesterday while striving forward into a new era of medicine. Compassion, leadership, and integrity are just a few words to describe a man who has dedicated his life to helping others. This opportunity to acknowledge Dr. Chavez as an individual who has truly represented the core value of patient-centered care seems like such a small token of gratitude. Nevertheless, Dr. Chavez is over-deserving of this recognition. He has passionately devoted his time to caring for his patients, educating those seeking a medical career or lending a caring ear, or hand, to anyone struggling in any capacity. He lives by a motto known by many, ‘I’ve never met a stranger, only a friend I haven’t met before.’ He shows kindness and compassion to all people and if you should be so lucky to know him, is to love him.”
– Award Nominee.

Dr. Chavez, MD, has been practicing in the community as a primary care provider at TriState Family Practice, Clearwater, for over 20 years. His primary focus of care has been devoted to a holistic approach of mind, body, and spirit. He is certified by the American Academy of Addiction Psychology. Dr. Chavez is retiring from TriState Health at the end of May 2024. Thank you for your devotion to your patients, medicine, and TriState.

Patients, family members, co-workers, physicians, or staff can nominate a TriState provider who exemplifies these qualities. A single provider of any specialty will be awarded this recognition every year in celebration of National Doctors’ Day.

To nominate a TriState provider, please visit