Tri-State Memorial Hospital is now TriState Health.

Establish Primary Care

When you choose a TriState Health primary care provider, you gain a long-term partner in health. Your primary care provider gets to know you, your health history, and your personal goals as you visit regularly for preventative care and treatment. Find your new provider today!

TriState Health News

TriState Health Welcomes 1st Patients into New Wing

TriState Health officially opens the new Inpatient Wing. The wing houses ICU & Med/Surg patients, along with registration for Lab and Surgery, a Gift Shop, and Bistro. 

Giving Nurses A Head Start

TriState is proud to offer an Acute Care Residency Program and we are excited to share about the growth this program has experienced since it started five years ago!

Auxiliary Angels Add to the Patient Experience

TriState Health Auxiliary, also known as the “Auxiliary Angels,” is a valuable part of the hospital staff, an extension of the TriState Family.