Doctors' Day

A day to celebrate the contributions of our providers who service the Lewis-Clark Valley and surrounding areas. Nominate a provider today for the Provider of Excellence Award!

With compassion and courage, our providers at TriState Health continue to go above and beyond to provide the care our community deserves. On March 30, as we celebrate National Doctors' Day, we ask you to consider this opportunity to recognize their commitment to our health and the health of those important to us by writing a note of appreciation, nominating them for the Provider of the Year, or by making a contribution. Your generous words mean more than you know.

A Tribute to Dr. Richard Weiland

The TriState Provider of Excellence Award was created in honor of Dr. Richard Weiland, one of the original four primary care providers who joined the Tri-State Memorial Hospital Primary Care Clinics in 2011. Since then, TriState Family Practice has grown to have over twenty primary care providers and multiple specialty providers to meet the healthcare needs of our community. Dr. Weiland truly represented what it meant to embody TriState’s mission and vision through leadership, integrity, community involvement, and patient-centered care. He was firmly committed to his patients and volunteered his time at the Snake River Medical Clinic. He was immersed in several leadership roles during his time at TriState and served for almost three decades as Medical Director of Tri-State Memorial Hospital Home Health and Hospice, now known as Elite Home Health and Hospice. Through his leadership and patient-centered care, he paved the way for what each TriState provider strives to be. Dr. Weiland passed in 2015 after complications from heart disease. We are honored to have had Dr. Weiland as part of our TriState team.

What is the Provider of Excellence Award?

The TriState Provider of Excellence Award acknowledges a provider’s commitment to the health of our community. They show their commitment by valuing and embodying the following attributes:

  • Community Impact
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Patient-Centered

A single provider of any specialty will be awarded this recognition every year on National Doctors’ Day.

Previous Provider of Excellence Award Recipients

2023- LeRoy Smith, MD

“Dr. Smith is exceptional and extremely friendly. You can feel the love from the minute you walk into the door. Dr. Smith put me at ease from day one.”
-General Surgery Patient

2022- Heather Davis-Remacle, PA-C

“Heather is great! She is kind, compassionate, patient and very knowledgeable. She never makes me feel rushed, yet manages to get us in and out in the least amount of time. She truly wants the best for her patients.”
-Family Practice Patient

There are many options to celebrate your provider!



Thank your provider and consider this opportunity to recognize their commitment to our health and the health of those important to us by writing a note of appreciation. Your generous words mean more than you know.



Each year a provider wins our Provider of Excellence Award! Any provider is eligible. Nominate your provider by March 13 by clicking the link below. A single provider is honored with the Provider of Excellence Award on March 30, National Doctors’ Day.



Support your provider by making a monetary donation in support of their compassionate care and expert talents. Thank you for your gift and for taking the time to recognize the providers at TriState Health.

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