Teddy Bears for Kids


Going to the doctor can be scary when you are a kid, but even more so when you have to visit for an unexpected injury or illness. Understanding this sentiment, 91 year old, Jody Foster, has made it her mission that children have a sweet little teddy bear to hold on to when they visit TriState Health’s Minor Care Center and Emergency Room. She calls them Hug-A-Bears, and has been making them for over 40 years.

 “I do not give as many as I used to because this 91 year old is getting older,” said Jody. “This ole girl is getting slower.” Over her 40 years she kindly gave 25 every month, totaling over 15,000 Hug-A-Bears.

Her Hug-a-Bears endeavor began as a project with the service organization the Telephone Pioneers, in the 1980s, where she began working with the company in 1977/1978. Jody also makes dish scrubbies on the side, where she sells them at craft fairs, and puts the proceeds she earns back into materials she needs to make the bears. Telephone Pioneers also donated the Hug-a-Bears to additional various organizations supporting young children’s care.

“Ms. Foster has been making teddy bears for ER and Minor Care patients for years,” said Kimberley Blewett, DO, at TriState Minor Care. “The stuffies provide a bright spot during an otherwise difficult time. Even staff get a big smile when they make a delivery to our clinic. We’re so grateful for her service!”

If one of your little ones, or another family member, has a non-life threating minor injury or illness, TriState Minor Care is open on a walk-in basis, six days a week. To learn more about services offered, visit tsh.org/minorcare. If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

At TriState Minor Care, we are grateful to our community for their support, whether it is through Hug-A-Bear donations for our pediatric patients, or kind words said about our facility and providers!



If you are interested in donating supplies for Hug-A-Bears, please reach out to TriState Marketing & Communications at communityrelations@tsmh.org.