Kid's Nutrition Program

Educating Children Throughout the LC-Valley

The Tri-State Kid’s Nutrition Program started in 2019 when the team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at Tri-State Wellness decided to commit their time to improve the health and wellbeing of our children in the Lewis-Clark Valley. Over the past two years, 12 elementary schools, with over 3,300 students have received educational videos at home or in school covering lessons on basic food groups and healthy snack recipes. Tri-State Wellness provided a cookbook and apron to each participating child to equip them in the kitchen with their newly learned skills!

Featured Video

Week 34: Gardening Glory

Presented by: Jennifer Raykovich,
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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Kid's Nutrition Program Videos

Week 1: Welcome

Week 2: Kitchen Basics

Week 3: Foods for Focus

Week 4: Knife Skills

Week 5: Reading a Recipe

Week 6: Try Something Different

Week 7: Playing it Safe

Week 8: Using the Stove

Week 9: Using an Oven

Week 10: Fuel for the Day

Week 11: Long Lasting Energy

Week 12: Pack in the Protein

Week 13: What are Omega-3s?

Week 14: Sneaking in Snacks

Week 15: Staying Warm the Healthy Way

Week 16: Food Science 101

Week 17: Magic Tuna Melt

Week 18: Using More Plants for Protein

Week 19: Taco Tuesday

Week 20: Carrots!

Week 21: Slice up the Salad

Week 22: Adding Flavors in a Healthy Way

Week 23: Desserts for the Win

Week 24: Activity is Awesome!

Week 25: Fruit on the Go

Week 26: Lucky Legumes and Roasted Chickpeas

Week 27: Leftover Savvy Lunches

Week 28: It's Warming Up

Week 29: Sweet Drinks Alternatives

Week 30: Textures for the Tongue

Week 31: Restaurant Savvy Kids

Week 32: Wonderful Water

Week 33: Balanced Meals for a Healthy Life

Week 34: Gardening Glory

The Kid’s Nutrition Program is a vital part of support for both physical and mental health in our young people that will be our future leaders.

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Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health
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