Kid’s Nutrition Program Provides Nutritional Education to Over 3,000 Children


The Tri-State Kid’s Nutrition Program started in 2019 when the team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at TriState Wellness decided to commit their time to improve the health and well-being of our children in the Lewis-Clark Valley. Over the past two years, 12 elementary schools, with over 3,300 students have received educational videos at home or in school covering lessons on basic food groups and healthy snack recipes. Tri-State Wellness provided a cookbook and apron to each participating child to equip them in the kitchen with their newly learned skills! So far, the program has touched children in the Lewiston School District, Clarkston School District, Holy Family, and the Asotin-Anatone School District. 

Each year, the TriState Wellness team sets out with a goal to provide each child and their family with the knowledge and skillset to make healthy food choices and prepare nutrition food. 

“The most rewarding part of the program is to hear the excitement from the kids about being healthy and cooking! We love hearing that the students tried out one of the vide recipes at home!” said Jen Scharffer, Director of Wellness and TriState Health. The Kid’s Nutrition Program addresses the prevalence of childhood obesity and diabetes in our community. According to the WA State Healthy Youth Survey 2021, 39% of Grade 8 students, 42% of Grade 10 students, and 45% of Grade 12 students ate fruit less than once a day and 32% of Grade 8 students, 30% of Grade 10 students, and 31% of Grade 12 students ate vegetables less than once a day.

If you are interested in watching the videos with your child, they are available on TriState Health’s Youtube page. 

TriState Health Foundation has supported the Kid’s Nutrition Program for several years by securing grants from local community organizers. If you are interesting in partnering with the Foundation on this, or another outreach program, please reach out to D’Lynn Ottmar, Chief Development Officer at 509.758.4902 or email