Healing From the Inside Out


TriState Wound Healing has lifesaving technology that is used to help patients suffering from a variety of different ailments. Their hyperbaric chamber speeds up the healing process for tissue and bone infections, injuries (crush or radiation), chronic wounds, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more. But, how does this technology aid in speeding the healing time of so many different conditions?

A hyperbaric chamber truly heals from the inside out! Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves a patient breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to saturate tissues and plasma, delivering about 20-30 times more oxygen than breathing at sea level. The extra oxygen helps the body fight bacteria and stimulates the release of
stem cells, ultimately promoting healing!

TriState Health’s cutting edge hyperbaric chamber helped over 600 patient treatments last year and is overseen by a doctor exceeding 30-years of wound healing experience. Dr. Vilas Deshpande has vast knowledge in general surgery, cancer treatment of the head and neck, thyroid diseases, and parathyroid diseases.

“It is amazing what a hyperbaric chamber can do,” said Dr. Deshpande. “We can even help ease the effects of radiation and help promote healing of infections. I have seen many people in with infections that would not have been treatable if it wasn’t for the hyperbaric technology.”

Outside of the world-class technology, TriState Wound Healing & Hyperbarics is a family environment. They work closely with other departments such as general surgery and podiatry to ensure that each patient receives holistic, well-rounded, patient centered care.

“We are all family here at TriState Wound Healing,” said Joshua Gartrell, Director of Wound Healing & Hyperbarics. “We have the technology and staff with years of experience to help our patients when they are in need of care. Compassion is a huge part of what we do and we treat every case with the same attention and innovation, regardless of the condition.”

For more information about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, please contact TriState Wound Healing & Hyperbarics at 509.758.1119. No referral needed, call to schedule an appointment today!