A Story of Employee Career Expansion


Lucia Grayi has been an employee at TriState Health since 2021. Her career journey has been one of an evolution, highly supported by TriState. During her time with the organization, Lucia had the opportunity to observe many medical areas, and knew that she wanted to further pursue a career that allowed her to work directly with the patient care side of healthcare.

“I started my career here in Environmental Services (EVS), and I stayed in that department for a year and a half. I moved from night shift to day shift, and cleaned many different areas around the hospital,” said Lucia. “Seeing the respiratory therapists work with patients and seeing what they can do for them made me start thinking about going to school myself. I started looking into nearby schools when I saw an ad for a certified nursing assistant (CNA) program here in Clarkston. I talked to people in Human Resources and was able to receive funding from TriState’s Education Fund. I wouldn’t have been able to do the class without it.”

Jordan Stover, Senior Recruiter, for TriState Health, Human Resources, played a large role in establishing Lucia on her extended career path. Jordan has been an integral part of the TriState Family for eight years. “TriState Health as an organization is committed to supporting employee growth and development,” said Jordan. “In 2023, we developed a pathway for our currently employed staff to further their career, by obtaining a certificate to benefit their role. TriState partnered with Walla Walla Community College to support employees interested in obtaining their CNA certificate. When we presented the opportunity, Lucia reached out with her desire to obtain her certificate.”

TriState is thrilled to support employees to help assist in furthering their education. With these expansion of skills, they are able to perform more in their role or cover in areas where we may have staffing shortages.

“When I worked in EVS, my favorite departments to clean were Emergency and the Intensive Care Unit. The wonderful people there believed in me and encouraged me to achieve this opportunity. I find that the most rewarding part of my job is being able to help people in my community,” said Lucia. “I’m very proud with how far I’ve come. I never would have imagined I would be able to work directly with patients, let alone get my CNA license. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the encouragement of my lovely friends in Emergency and ICU, along with the dynamic support from TriState Health.”

To review and apply for career opportunities at TriState Health, visit our careers page online at https://www.tsh.org/careers/.