Joshua’s Story

Joshua McKarcher, local attorney and long-time resident of the Lewis-Clark Valley, chooses to place the healthcare of his loved ones and himself in the hands of those he trusts at Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus.

“I worked out in [Washington] D.C. for several years and then moved back here to be a lawyer in my hometown, which I really enjoy,” said Joshua. “I was born at Tri-State when they were still delivering
babies, I’ve had all my surgeries at Tri-State, and they have always taken such great care of me.”

After his family’s medical physician retired in 2020, this prompted him to begin the search for a new provider. Some of Joshua’s family friends mentioned Dr. Carson Seeber at Tri-State Family Practice & Internal Medicine in Clarkston, and they were quickly able to establish primary care.

“It’s one thing to have an institution and their doctors, like Dr. Seeber and Dr. Stoutin, take care of you and your wife and your children, but it’s another thing entirely to watch them take such good care of your mother and your father. My mother wouldn’t dream of going to anyone other than Doris.” For Joshua, it has been vital to connect with those caring for him and his loved ones when it comes to healthcare. Solidifying a trusting relationship with providers can significantly impact one’s approach to their overall health and wellness.

“I’ve found that the team at Tri-State is uncompromisingly caring,” said Joshua when talking about the struggles he and his family have gone through in the past year. “My parents don’t complain about going to the doctor at any Tri-State facility. That means a lot to me as a busy son that wants to be involved.”

“When we learned that dad had kidney problems, we did not know how big or small the problem may be, but we did know that we needed to get him into a kidney specialist, which was completely new to me.”

“When you’re in a stressful medical situation with your parents, you need the easy things to be easy. With Tri-State it’s been seamless and everybody is friendly. Nobody makes me feel like I’m bothering them or like they are doing me a favor, with whatever it may be. It’s noticeable and appreciated,” said Joshua.

In Tri-State’s Kidney & Hypertension’s comfort and safety, the experienced healthcare team worked closely with Joshua and his family to establish the best treatment plan possible for his father.

“They made the process understandable and not super scary. The way that they handled our pre-appointment, testing, getting my father into the appointment, and very patiently and compassionately going through a long list of medications…they demystified a lot of complex things very well, and I am thankful.”

Tri-State Memorial Hospital has been placing the health of the community as their first priority since 1955. No matter the size of your healthcare needs, big or small, Tri-State Memorial Hospital will continue to stay patient-focused with personalized healing for all ages. You, your family, your friends, and your neighbors all have their attention when it comes to your healthcare.

With 22 primary care providers in three locations, minor care services, 24-hour emergency care, and over
20 specialty clinics and services combined, Tri-State Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing advanced high-quality care to physically, mentally, and emotionally treat the whole patient.

How to establish primary care at Tri-State Memorial Hospital? If you or a loved one would like to establish primary care and has not yet registered as a patient, please visit and fill out our “Establish Primary Care” form on the main page. Our New Patient Coordinator will reach out to send you our New Patient Form. For additional information, please call 509.769.2014.