Eat Healthy, Be Active

Eat Healthy, Be Active, is a series of one-hour workshops created to encourage better overall health in the community and at home. The focus of the program is to give individuals tips and tools to eat healthy, be physically active, promote good health, and to reduce the risk of chronic disease. Topics include: nutrition, meals and snacks, eating healthy on a budget, losing weight, and how to incorporate physical activity as a part of your daily lifestyle.

This interactive opportunity provides participants the chance to learn from Tri-State Wellness nutrition experts and other guest speakers how to make informed food choices, meal plan, as well as engage and taste a variety of foods as they gain the knowledge and confidence to plan for and replicate healthy meals at home. Participants can expect to see meal makeovers, how to stock your pantry, tips for eating out, exercise opportunities, and other healthy practices. WSU Asotin and Garfield County Master Gardeners are collaborating in this effort to share their knowledge throughout the series, giving attendees the chance to practice planting and other fundamental gardening skills. “Gardening is a sustainable practice that is cheap and healthy,” says Jen Scharffer, Director of Tri-State Wellness. “Plant-based foods are good for our bodies, so we wanted to take the course full circle and offer an additional component that we have never done. The Master Gardeners have graciously agreed to share their knowledge with us so we can promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables, literally from the ground up,” she continues.    

“We began collaborating with the WSU Asotin and Garfield County Master Gardeners in 2020, but due to the COVID pandemic, we had to halt our efforts in providing this course,” adds Scharffer. “At Tri-State Wellness, we feel that now is a better time than ever to focus on healthy lifestyles and disease prevention through the teaching of nutrition, meal planning, healthy cooking, physical activity, and gardening basics. We are pleased to bring this course to fruition this summer through a collective effort from the nutrition and gardening experts of our region!”

Tri-State Hospital Foundation has graciously funded this six-week workshop, and this free learning opportunity will be held every Thursday, beginning July 14 through August 18, at the Lewiston City Library, located at 411 “D” Street, Lewiston. “We believe that providing hands-on education for healthy lifestyle practices is essential for making sustainable habits,” Scharffer continues. “We have offered many group courses in the past, and we don’t want money to be a barrier for anyone. We are fortunate to have the Tri-State Hospital Foundation support our efforts in making our community healthier.”

There are still spots available for those interested, and with limited seating, RSVP required. To register, email or call 509.751.0229.