Our Commitment to Workforce Development


TriState Health is proud to partner with Walla Walla Community College and Clarkston High School to implement a groundbreaking Certified Nursing Program tailored for high school students. “By investing in the education and training of these young aspiring CNAs, TriState Health is nurturing a pipeline of skilled [healthcare] professionals.” – Jordan Stover, Senior Recruiter for TriState Health

Nurse Residency Program

TriState Health implemented their Nurse Residency Program in 2019. Since then, it has grown and evolved over the past six years into the Acute Care Residency Program. This five week program is designed to bridge the gap from student to professional, set students up for success, build confidence, provide support, and give recent graduates a head start into the nursing profession. 

Athletic Training Program

TriState Health is launching an employment opportunity that will provide an Athletic Trainer at Clarkston High School. An Athletic Trainer is the first responder for acute injuries that occur during sports practices and games and assists in preventative measures to minimize injury risk. The Athletic Trainer will also work towards workforce experience by offering introduction course training to the field of Sports Medicine. 


TriState Health has collaborated with the University of Idaho Coordinated Program in Dietetics for almost a decade to host one student intern annually. During their 8-week internship, students have the opportunity to work directly with an inpatient dietitian, as well as outpatient counseling and dialysis, while under direct supervision. They may also work in Food Service Management.


TriState Health partners with several region-wide healthcare organizations and schools to provide clinical rotations to medical students throughout our campus. Students under medical rotations are working towards their PA, NP, DO, or MD, along with other provider designations. In 2023, TriState hosted 27 students, and in 2024, is slated to host 21 new students throughout the year.


To demonstrate the variety of career opportunities in healthcare, TriState designed an internship program in partnership with Clarkston High School. This program allows students to observe caregivers in action as they provide patient care, while also learning the leadership and operational components of the department. TriState piloted the internship program in radiology.

A Better State of Health.

If you have any questions about partnerships and opportunities with TriState Health, please reach out to communityrelations.@tsmh.org.