TriState Nursing Careers

Are you a nurse looking to start or continue your career?

Why TriState?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the nursing team at TriState Health. Our nursing programs are designed to assist students in school and recent graduates in delivering excellent patient care in your chosen field. Not only will you experience our commitment in placing our communities health as our first priority, you’ll also practice in a warm supportive environment where you can grow professionally and personally!

TriState Nursing Programs

TriState provides an environment of personal and professional growth, while supporting nurses as they transition from student to professional.

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Tuition Reimbursement

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Hands on Learning

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Work-life-school Balance

Individuals in this role are provided additional work-related opportunities for an ADN or BSN program. Students also gain valuable knowledge and skills through real-life work situations.

NTs are given a brief orientation and a checklist to complete. Once this orientation is complete, the NT is teamed with a RN to oversee their patient(s). NTs work under the direct supervision of a RN.


  • Must be a student enrolled in an accredited school of nursing and have completed approximately one academic term (quarter or semester)
  • Must be registered as a nurse technician by the Washington State Department of Health

A NT is allowed to perform tasks according to their academic preparation. The list of nursing practicum skills is provided by the college.

A NT MAY NOT DO the following:

  • Work independently
  • Assume ongoing responsibility for assessments, plan, implementation, or evaluation of the care of patients
  • Delegate to LPNs, CNAs, or unlicensed personnel
  • Administer chemotherapy, blood or blood products, IV medications, scheduled drugs, or utilize a central IV line

NTs work in several departments, the most common being ER and Med/Surg.


  • Hourly wage
  • May work part-time or per-diem
  • Benefits available for part-time NTs

This is a six-month program in which the resident works two days a week on the floor with a preceptor and one day in the classroom doing didactic and hands-on learning. This program starts with classroom learning on August 1. Graduates hired into the program before August 1 must obtain a Washington RN license before starting the residency program.

The program allows first-year nurses to transition with confidence from the classroom to the bedside, immersing the new RN into a specialty area.


  • BSN or ADN
  • NCLEX (you may still apply and interview before
    taking the exam)


  • Hands-on clinical experience
  • Critical thinking skills

Residents are surrounded by a community of experienced nurses and fellow nurse residents who will help build a foundation of success. This program builds confidence while unlocking promises and possibilities for careers.

This program is designed specifically for nurses who
want to go directly into ER or ICU.


  • Hourly wage
  • Hired as full-time
  • Benefits available include medical, dental, retirement (with employer match), and more!

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Hear from our Chief Nursing Officer, Jackie Mossakowski, and several TriState Health nurses on why they love working at TriState! We consider ourselves a family and we want you to be a part of it!

TriState has a culture of patient-centered care. I love that. As a nurse, I try to take care of each patient with the mindset that if this was my family, how would I want them treated? I feel that each nurse does this to the best of their abilities.