Patient & Family Advisory Council

Do you want to feedback, both positive and negative, to help improve patient care? Together, we can deliver a better state of health.

What is a Patient & Family Advisory Council?

A Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) serves in an advisory capacity to TriState Health by promoting patient quality, safety, engagement, and efficiency. TriState PFAC is comprised of Patient & Family Advisors (PFAs) and TriState staff who meet on a monthly basis to share patient experiences, discuss potential barriers from the patient perspective, and identify opportunities for improvement.

PFAs offer feedback, both positive and negative, to help improve patient care. Family members and caregivers have a unique perspective and can contribute valuable input! At TriState Health, we are committed to our mission in placing our patients’ health as our first priority. The PFAC ensures patients and their family members will have an active voice and role in carrying out our mission. 

PFAC Testimonials

As a caregiver for my mother-in-law who's nearly 100 years old, I see the challenges in helping live out their last days. I enjoy being a part of something that can improve the lives for LC Valley residents.

I decided to join PFAC so that I could contribute and give back to my local community and to local health care. I think that medical issues and hospital stays or procedures can be overwhelming. I wanted to be part of a proactive team to address patient or family concerns so that each and every person is comfortable with their own health and with the health care they receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Patient & Family Advisor (PFA) can be anyone who has received care at a TriState Health facility, or clinic, within the last three years, or is a patient’s family member or caretaker. Additional qualities of an ideal PFA:

  • Willingness to work collaboratively
  • Respects diversity and others’ perspectives
  • Seeks positive outcomes and collaboration
  • Ability to interact well with differing groups of people, listen to differing opinions, and share differing points of view
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to attend at least seven out of ten monthly meetings per year
  • Commits to a two-year term

PFAs are encouraged to share their personal experiences as a patient or as a patient’s family member or caregiver. Information shared during PFAC meetings and activities is confidential. 

TriState Health provides PFAs with orientation and training to ensure successful collaboration and security concerning sensitive information. 

PFAs have the opportunity to connect with, and advise, TriState providers, staff, and leadership on key areas such as age-friendly facility design and navigation, print/online marketing and educational materials, quality and safety short-term projects, and patient experience discussion groups.

If you are interested in becoming a Patient & Family Advisor, please call 509.288.0742, or email

Your Health Questions Answered.

The Patient & Family Advisory Council is collaborates with TriState Health to ask, and have questions answered, about health trends and prevention. Submit your questions here to be sent off to TriState Health experts. Questions will be answered via social media, written articles, podcasts, and more.