Aquablation Therapy

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What is Aquablation Therapy?

Aquablation therapy is a new type of surgical treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). At TriState Health, we are proud to offer a new solution for men with enlarged prostates that provides long-lasting symptom relief and excellent quality of life. If is the next step to furthering our commitment of providing quality healthcare close to home.

Long-term relief
Aquablation Therapy is a solution to finally find symptom relief due to BPH.

First of its kind
Aquablation uses a heat-free waterjet to remove prostate tissue.

Cutting-edge technology
Aquablation is the only procedure that allows the urologist to see the entire prostate during surgery. This enables them to create a mapped plan to remove the parts of the prostate that are causing your symptoms.

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What Makes Aquablation Different?

Aquablation therapy is a resective procedure, which means that the prostate tissue causing symptoms is surgically removed. No incision is made in the abdomen, as the prostate is reached through the urethra. By choosing to use Aquablation rather than more invasive procedures, your risk of developing erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders, and sexual dysfunction post-surgery is very low. In fact, many men are already experiencing negative symptoms due to BHP and most patients experience improved or relived symptoms post-surgery.

About Aquablation Therapy

Aquablation therapy allows our urologists to view the entire prostate so they can create a map that avoids the parts of the prostate that cause irreversible complications. It uses heat-free waterjet to remove prostate tissue. It is the only procedure that uses a heat-free, robotically-controlled waterjet to remove prostate tissue.  This robotic technology minimizes human error and ensures the prostate tissue is removed precisely, consistently, and predictably. During the procedure itself, a light pen highlights the tissue to be removed. The tissue is hit with pressurized water, which is extracted through the bladder. It is done while you are under anesthesia and typically takes less than an hour and requires overnight stay.

Every prostate is unique in size and shape. Aquablation therapy is customized based on your prostate structure and is a surgical solution for BPH that provides long-lasting relief without compromise.

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