Safeguarding Our Community

The Tri-State Memorial Hospital Trauma Prevention Program, with the help of Clearwater Paper and the Tri-State Hospital Foundation, are doing their part to educate and equip children in the Lewis-Clark Valley on how to stay safe when riding their bikes and when swimming in our local rivers.

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, the number of fatal bicyclist incidents are on the rise, and their goal is to lower that number to zero by 2030. In February 2021, Tri-State Trauma Prevention Program and the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lewis-Clark Valley partnered together to distribute 100 bicycle helmets to the Clarkston unit students.

According to the Washington State Drowning Prevention Network, an average of 25 children and teens drown every year in Washington State and most of these deaths occur while swimming, boating, or playing in or near water. In late spring of 2021, life jackets will also be distributed to local students to aid in water safety. Education related to both the helmets and life jackets will be provided for both the child and parents in a short and easy to read format.

“Our kids and families will definitely benefit from any additional safety gear. We do a Bike Bonanza in conjunction with the Clarkston Police Department every summer, and our kids are able to take home free bikes, so knowing that they have the opportunity to receive a free helmet to keep them safe while riding is amazing,” said Andrea Neumayer, Director of Resource Development at the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Lewis-Clark Valley. “As far as life jackets go, we know that between visiting the local pool and being so close to the river that lots of our kids play in the water and will benefit from having a life jacket, too!”

“These simple items will promote safety and injury prevention in our local youth, making a large impact,” said Michelle Schmidt, ER Supervisor and Trauma Program Manager at Tri-State Memorial Hospital. “Clearwater Paper has enabled us to purchase these key safety pieces to benefit several local children. Our kids are worth it! Thank you again!”

The Tri-State Hospital Foundation supports the Tri-State Trauma Prevention Program by securing grants from local community organizations. Clearwater Paper gave the grant for this year’s program. “Clearwater Paper is proud to partner with Tri-State Hospital Foundation to provide a yearly contribution to support the hospital’s trauma prevention program as well as safety items for local kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lewis-Clark Valley,” said Tammi Hernandez, SR HR Manager at Clearwater Paper. “Being able to work for a company like Clearwater Paper that supports the local hospital and also be involved with the hospital foundation is very rewarding.”

If you are interested in partnering with the Tri-State Hospital Foundation to aid in funding future Trauma Prevention programs, please email the foundation at