Kidney & Hypertension Clinic is recognized with the Nationwide Patient Experience Award from SurveyVitals

Tri-State Memorial Hospital’s Kidney & Hypertension Clinic is a recipient of the Top-Rated Patient Experience Award from SurveyVitals. The nationwide award places the clinic in the top 10th percentile for exceptional performance.

SurveyVitals provides physician practices and hospitals with immediate, understandable, and actionable feedback through an electronic survey process with an automated sending method. Survey feedback is received directly from patients who have visited the facility.

The clinic’s exceptional performance during the second quarter of 2020 earned them recognition. Recipients of SurveyVitals Top 10% Award are determined using composite mean scores from thousands of patient experience surveys completed each quarter. Organizations ranked against their peers using composite percentile ranking with a statistical confidence of 80% + receive this designation.

“Our staff will always aim to enhance the overall patient experience,” said Tabitha Fabin, Director of Kidney & Hypertension. “I am so proud of the entire team for always striving to give the highest quality of care possible, even during the stress of unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19.”

This clinic excels with high survey ratings inclusive of but not limited to; confidence and trust in the provider, courteousness of staff and providers, and short patient wait times. Clinic visit wait times received an overall 93% satisfaction rating. The overall clinic experience is amongst the 90th percentile.

Tri-State Kidney & Hypertension Clinic treats patients diagnosed with kidney diseases and/or hypertension, as well as patients requiring renal replacement therapy, including dialysis and renal transplant patients.

For more information, please call Tri-State Kidney & Hypertension Clinic at 509.751.0312.