COVID-19: A Road to Recovery

Cyell’s journey with COVID-19 started with a fever, body aches, and chills; while pressure and coughing were building in her chest, absolute exhaustion was accompanied. She couldn’t have imagined that it would lead to six weeks of battling this new and unknown disease. Her symptoms began on March 29, and on April 4, she was diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

“In the beginning, I felt a lot of apprehensions and definitely fear. I was really hoping when I first started experiencing symptoms that it was just a cold or flu, but part of me, in the back of my head, kind of knew it was COVID-19.”

Cyell had a telehealth appointment with Tri-State Memorial Hospital, followed by a swab test for COVID-19. She underwent a total of eight swab tests before she was cleared from the virus and six weeks of isolation.

“For me, the testing would range from major discomfort to extremely painful. I’m prone to migraines, so having a swab go up the nose all the way back to the soft pallet of the throat tended to trigger those for me,” said Cyell. “My doctor would be as gentle as he could getting the sample, but he needed to be sure that we would receive the best results. He knew it was taking a toll on me, not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Thankfully, my last two swabs finally came back negative.”

Even though COVID-19 is severely contagious, Cyell still had unwavering support from those around her. While in isolation, she received an incredibly large amount of heartfelt gestures from her co-workers, friends, and family. They provided everything from emotional support to delivering and dropping off food, books, and puzzles to keep her busy.

“I did all of the things I could while at home to gain strength and protect those living in the same household as me,” said Cyell. “I was terrified that my 70-year-old mother and my boyfriend would catch the virus. We were lucky that through their isolation, they were safe and clear; they did not develop any signs or symptoms after my diagnosis.”

This process has been long, but Cyell is a success story. She did not do this alone and gives credit to her work family, medical providers, friends, and loved ones. They checked in on Cyell during lonely and dark times and continued to lift her spirits.

“I am a Registered Nurse at Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus, and the staff at the hospital has been amazing!” said Cyell. “I had several daily phone calls and emails from teammates checking on my progress. I am just completely blessed and grateful to be working for such a caring establishment.”