Busy Activities During COVID-19

It can be stressful to be separated from others if you have or were exposed to COVID-19. To help manage or alleviate some of that stress, we have put together a list of activities to keep you busy while you stay home and keep your loved ones safe.

1. Tidy your space or wardrobe
Dedicate your new-found time and attention to sorting your clothes and decluttering your
home of items you haven’t worn or used in the last six months. Create a pile to donate when businesses are open.

2. Read a book
It’s time to read that book that’s been on your shelf for the last few months. Get inspired, dream, relax, and expand your knowledge by diving deep into a best-seller.

3. Video chat with friends
Missing your best buds? Video apps like Houseparty, Zoom, or FaceTime can make it easy to keep up with your friends and have a laugh or two! Turn your boring or lonely evening into a virtual party.

4. Express gratitude
Write something positive that happened each day and put it in a jar. At the end of the month, read them all out loud. Sometimes we need a reminder of all the little things that give us joy.

5. Bake
Indulge your sweet tooth by having an at home bake off! Find a fun recipe on Pinterest or look through your cabinet for grandma’s bests. A little competition never hurt anyone.

6. Exercise
Replace your gym visit or levy run with an at home work out. Squats, burpees, and pushups are all achievable without equipment. Transform your living room into a yoga space and stretch it out.

7. Learn a language
Challenge yourself to learn a new language in just a few weeks. With a ton of apps and websites that give you lessons for free, you’ve truly run out of excuses not to.

8. Make a travel bucket list
Write it down in black and white the places you’ve yet to explore, the trips you want to take, and the food you’ve got to sample. Travel will eventually be back on your to-do list!

10. Treat yourself
Self-care is so important, especially during these times. Paint your nails, enjoy a bubble bath, read your favorite magazine, or watch your favorite TV show. Relaxation is key!